Alan Crumlin CPO - Senior Prosthetist

  Training/ Qualifications:  Certificate Prosthetist and Licentiate Prosthetist from The British Institute of Surgical Technologists.

  Years in the industry: 

  Years at FOS: I have been with FOS since 2006!

  Why I do what I do:  



Emily Harrison CPO - Prosthetist / Orthotist

  Training/ Qualifications:  BSC (hons) Prosthetics & Orthotics

  Years in the industry: 13 1/2 years working as a Prosthetist. 12 years spent working at the Portsmouth Enablement Centre in England. I was able to work with a significant number of war veterans and  paralympians during the London 2012 paralympics.  

  Years at FOS: I have worked for FOS 1 1/2 years and started my employment exactly 12 years to the day of starting my prior job at Portsmouth (freaky!)

  Why I do what I do:  I'm a Prosthetist because I like that I have the ability to help rebuild people. When amputation is the last resort for a surgeon, it is my beginning to help amputees to become mobile and independent again so that they hopefully go on to achieve whatever they want to in life. 



John Polglase Orthotist

  Training/ Qualifications:  Certificate Prosthetics & Orthotics, Advanced certificate in clinical orthotics, Post Grad diploma in Lower Limb Orthotic Biometrics, Member of NZOPA.

  Years in the industry: 36

  Years at FOS: I joined FOS in 2011 after immigrating to Perth with my WA wife from the middle east.

  Why I do what I do:  It's the best job ever! It is immensely satisfying to improve someones quality of life by prescribing orthotics. 



Keita Kuramoto CPO - Orthotist / Prosthetist

  Training/ Qualifications:  Master of Clinical Prosthetics and Orthotics at La Trobe University in Bundoora. AOPA Member.

  Years in the industry: 

  Years at FOS: I joined FOS in 2016 

  Why I do what I do:  


Aden Turner CPO -    Orthotist / Prosthetist

  Training/ Qualifications:  Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics at La Trobe University in Melbourne. AOPA Member.

  Years in the industry: 15 years, 4 of which were spent working in the public sector at Royale Adelaide hospital.

  Years at FOS: I joined FOS in 2007 and have enjoyed working here ever since. I have had a couple breaks during that time, busy raising my three children. 

  Why I do what I do:  My main priority is patient care; it is so rewarding to help someone regain their independance, improve their quality of life, and reduce their pain. I've always enjoyed being creative and the "hands-on" aspect of prosthetics and orthotics. 


Tony White 
Senior Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician


Mike Moran 
Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician


Finance & Administration

Madeleine Mitchell
Practice Manager


Dave Whiteside 
Purchasing Officer


Karen De Rosa 
Reception / Administration - Myaree


Selena Steen 
Reception / Administration - Shenton Park