Prosthetics is the science and art involved in treating patients with a limb deficiency, providing a functional and / or cosmetic prosthetic device.

Prosthetic management carried out by FOS Support for Life includes both conventional and contemporary prosthesis. Areas of special expertise are computer influenced knee joints upper limb devices utilising Myo Electric technology and Paediatric Prosthetics.

Each patient is assessed for the most appropriate prosthesis and provided with an individual management plan to suit their functional requirements and ongoing prosthetic care.

Service we cover

Our prosthetic service is comprehensive and covers all aspects of prosthetics care and include but not limited to:


  • Patient - Prosthetist Consultation

Immediate Post-Operative

  • Rigid Dressings and Cast Changes

Upper Limb

  • Passive and Functional Systems
  • Myoelectrics
  • Cosmetic Prosthetics

Lower Limb

  • Endoskeletal Systems (soft, cosmetic)
  • Exoskeletal Systems (high durability)
  • Preperatory Prostheses
  • Silicone Self-Suspending Prostheses
  • Flex-Foot™
  • Seattle Foot™
  • Ultralight Prostheses™
  • Sports and Specialty Prostheses

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